by Robin Redgrave.

From Issue 44. (2019/2)

We have Guest access set for our Filr system. However, guest users can download files. Is there a way to configure the system so that guest users can only view files?

Yes, like any user, the Guest user can be configured so that files cannot be Downloaded. In the Administration Console, select the Guest, and select the More menu (see Figure 2). fvfaq.

Select the option to Disable File Downloads. Now when a Guest clicks on a file it will automatically take them to a viewer rather than download the file.


We are running Filr Advanced and are interested in the free Advanced Authentication Limited that we get as an entitlement with our maintenance. We would like to send SMS one-time passwords to our users when they authenticate. However, it looks as if only Twilo and MessageBird SMS systems are supported. We use Janet SMS. Is there any way we can get it to work?

This is possible, although you will need to test it. In addition to Twilo and MessageBird there is an option for a generic sender for which you can set the parameters (see figure 3).